I’m so excited

“I’m so excited! You guys are the best ever! Your hard work really paid off for me! Thank you! “

Kimberlee J., California

I trusted the wrong accountant

“I trusted the wrong accountant, and wound up with a debt I couldn’t pay on my income. Then a friend referred me to Tax Life Savers. They completed the Offer in Compromise package for me, represented me, and several months later, I got a letter saying my debt was forgiven. I am so relieved! Thank you!”

Maria G., Pompano Beach, FL

I will never

“I will never go anywhere else for my tax needs!”

Lynn M., Sarasota, FL

I would highly recommend Tax Resolution

I would highly recommend Tax Resolution Specialists, Inc to anyone.
Ken Moreland and Carla Martinez kept me informed and were very helpful in answering all my questions.

All my IRS problems were addressed and resolved.
I will definitely be using Tax Resolution for all my tax needs in the future.

Rene' V., Fort Lauderdale, FL

I was extremely worried

“I was extremely worried when that letter came from the IRS…

‘How can I possibly pay all of this?!’

When I found Ken through a colleague of his, my worries went away as he assured me that the IRS is not as scary as I once thought.  Ken worked very patiently and diligently with me and the IRS to mediate a fantastic settlement for payment of my past tax liabilities.  He and his staff are professional and easy to work with.  Ken knows his stuff–I highly recommend him and his no-nonsense approach!  Thanks for all your help, Ken!”


Charles H., Austin, TX