Tax Life Savers, Inc. is a full service tax filing, tax resolution, and accounting firm.

We have three primary areas of service:

1. We will help you get out of past tax problems. Tax resolution is the process of filing past tax returns (aka getting compliant) and working out the financials of the taxpayer (including making necessary adjustments) to come to a workable solution to resolve the liability. This even sometimes includes getting most of the liability forgiven in one of the “Fresh Start” programs.

2. Keeping you out of trouble. We will continue to support you in your tax planning and tax return preparation to assure you pay the lowest amount of tax allowed by law.

3. We support your profitability in you business by doing the back-office tasks that are a time and energy drain. Our support for small companies consist of corporation setup, bookkeeping, payroll, monthly financials, and federal and state tax compliance. One of the most important services is the monthly P&L analysis to help you make the decisions that will make you the most profitable.

Tax Resolution

Get out of tax debt. Sometimes life does not turn out the way we had hoped. Tax Lifesavers, Inc. will help you unwind the IRS mess you have gotten yourself into and get you “Peace of Mind” regarding your IRS situation

Annual Tax Returns

The IRS requires most individuals and companies to file an annual tax return. While simple individual returns are free online, Tax Lifesavers, Inc. will assist you and/or your company pay the lowest amount of taxes allowed by law.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Those pesky late-night and weekend chores that are the bane of every business owner. Business Lifesavers will take this off your plate and seamlessly make these disappear while you retain 24/7 access for audit and decision making.